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July 09

You may wonder why I keep sending out at every opportunity the "Where To Pick Up The Keys" document. It is in the vain hope that those people who have been before will read it and come to the Café des Artistes instead of going to the old Agency address in St Génis des Fontaines..

Just in case you've already binned it .... download the ENGLISH VERSION, ou la VERSION FRANCAISE

This applies to all properties except RO08. For RO08 go direct to the villa.

June 09

EXTRAORDINARY - A young lad in St Génis des Fontaines has opened a large corner shop which is open every day from 07h30 to 13h00 and 16h00 to 20h00 closing only on Tuesday afternoons. Says he wants to get rich and retire early... my goodness, this really isn't part of the Roussillon ethos ....

You'll find him looking haggard already behind the till, it's on the main street, next to the Tabac and opposite the Auberge des Albères restaurant

Jan 09

If you were disorganised enough to have left home without the Golden Syrup, you frankly forgot the Custard Powder or you are simply pining for Weetabix you can now find all these and more at the new Carrefour Supermarket in Argelès.

It's open 'till 8.30 every evening, except Sunday when it opens in the morning until 14.00.

May 06

The Shamroc Café in Laroque des Albères is under new management and is now called the Café des Artistes.

May 06

The bar/restaurant/refuge cabin at the Col d'Ouillat is open for the summer and what a wonderful place it is too! 3000 feet up, enjoy a meal with good views, just below the summit of Pic Neoulous. Walk up from any of the Alberes villages (about 5 hours) or cheat and drive up from le Perthus.

May 06

There's an Organic supermarket at le Boulou, (in French it's "Biologique" or "Bio"). Follow the Macdonalds signs, it's just before the golden arches on the left...

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